Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The genius of Phaedra Parks

When you hear Phaedra Parks talk about donkey booties, inconclusive due dates, and maternal death, it's easy to underestimate her - which is probably what she wants. Opponents, whether on the Real Housewives of Atlanta or in the courtroom, will see clips off the show and think she's not much of a threat because they're too lazy to do the research. Unlike some of the other RHOA, she's thinking further ahead than the next episode. She plays it smart by playing dumb on the hottest show on Bravo. As the ratings increase, so do her profile and her paycheck. There's no doubt the woman can count.

Phaedra is a well regarded high powered entertainment attorney who's worked with
Michael Jackson, Jermaine Dupree, Whitney Houston, and yes, the infamous Bobby Brown. In addition to being a legal analyst for major networks like Fox News and NBC, Ms. Parks had appearances on Court TV, Entertainment Tonight, and Extra. She was also the show producer for Tiny & Toya. You don't do all of that by being a dummy. And, as noted in the video, sometimes a celebrity defending a celebrity is an "effective tool in court".

Phaedra is also one of the few Housewives that isn't struggling with money or her love life. Sure, her husband went to prison, but Apollo served his time, he's handsome, and he knows better than to mess this good thing up. Did I mention that is wife is a high powered attorney? You can't find a more perfect match than someone who's going to love you and defend you in court and public opinion. In a time when a marriage between a black man and a black woman is being treated like an endangered species in pop culture, why do people begrudge Phaedra and Apollo their happiness or him a second chance? Ms. Parks is an attorney and in a better position than other people to judge her situation and her husband's past. Instead of focusing soley on her antics, also pay attention to the size of her heart. In love, law, and reality television, Phaedra is no fool, even if she plays one on TV.

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