Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kim Coles does the Big Chop

I hopped onto Twitter the other day and lo and behold, there was a Tweetstorm about Kim Coles. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she did the big chop and went au naturale. As you can see, this twist out is really working for her. And, if you're interested in getting the rhinestone Afro tee shirt she's wearing, visit Minoritees. Thanks for the link, Ms. Kim.


Having done the big chop myself in November, it's encouraging to see more black women getting in touch with their roots, no matter how kinky, curly, or coily they may be. But, as any new natural will tell you, finding support, the right products, and a good stylist can be a bit of a challenge.

Below is list of a few of my go to sites for natural hair:

*For Colored Girls Who Are Going Natural When The Relaxer if Enuf: Facebook group of natural and transitioning women

*Natural Chica: She has great styling tips, product reviews, and a wonderful YouTube channel at NikkiMae2003

*YouTube, in general, is a great place to go for natural hair info

*Curly Nikki: You can browse product reviews, hair styles, and even leave your own feedback and communicate with other women in her online forum

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