Saturday, January 22, 2011

Steve Harvey, his marriage, and his mistresses

A man with a history of infidelity and multiple marriages may be a really good or really terrible source of relationship advice depending on how you look at it. However you take Steve Harvey, this comedian/actor/radio host turned author and relationship guru is making millions at the bookstore telling women what they're doing wrong when it comes to catching and keeping a man. But, he may have omitted a few embarassing chapters in his own love live that his ex-wife wants to share.

Mary Harvey spoke out recently about Steve Harvey's infidelity. The two were married for 16 years and through several mistresses, including the woman who is now his current wife. There is some speculation Mary Harvey may be writing a tell-all book. Either way, she chronicles some rather salacious parts of their marriage. Below is a YouTube video of her discussing the women he had on the side. Given Mary's revelations, some ladies may want to get their money back from the bookstore.

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