Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Bojangles (that's you, Michael Steele)

After tap dancing, jive talking, and caricaturing his way through a tenure in the top spot at the RNC, Michael Steele's reign of inadequacy is almost over. We didn't get to see any hint of the loving son or father, former seminarian, teacher, or the guy who grew up in the DC metro area. Instead, we got to watch a black guy put on blackface for two years and then wonder why nobody loved his performance, especially during the midterm elections. Sure, Steele pontificated grandly about the GOP's inability to attract black voters at the ballot box, and then proceeded to grandly do absolutely nothing about it. There is a difference in talking to black people and just talking about them.

Despite being generally reviled by the members of his own party and unable to balance a budget in his own right, Michael Steele wants Republicans to give him a second chance. Yeah, right. Steele's "off the hook" public relations makeover of the GOP will leave him hip hopping out of the door with his party's boot on his behind. Goodbye Mr. Bojangles. I'm sure you'll find a side hustle somewhere.

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