Monday, January 3, 2011

Mis-education of Barbie

I can't decide what gets more press, Nikki Minaj's wigs, waistline, or big booty. Sure, she's talented without a doubt, and attractive. But, genuine talent and good looks aren't enough to get you anywhere these days without a catsuit or a sex tape. The discussion about the quality of her music is often buried beneath the critique of her lady parts. Apparently, having your body exaggerated and objectified like a Hottentot Venus while Regis Philbin smacks your butt with dirty old man glee on national TV is the norm. I'm surprised Regis stopped at her backside and didn't jump her like the not very attractive Adrien Brody jumped Haley Berry at the Oscars like he could find his movie career in her mouth. Ewwww.

Spoken word artist
Jasmine Mans has some strong words for Nikki Minaj called the Mis-education of a Barbie. It's a cautionary tale, and one worth telling.

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