Saturday, January 8, 2011

Performance art or cry for help?

The strange and freaky usually stays at a minimum on the DC Metro, at least in my experience. Tonight, however, was one of those special nights. As I was riding on the Yellow line, this oddball jumps on. Some random guy with rag wrapped around his entire face and a garish Uncle Sam top hat is usually enough to get even the most jaded Metro passenger to look up from a book. But, he took it to the next level by sprawling on the ground, doing crunches, grunting, and pretending to ram into things. He did keep the human interaction to a minimum, though. The passengers silently glanced at him and each other, quite unsure whether to laugh or make a run for it. He only stayed on the train for a few stops, exiting at Gallery Place/Chinatown and leaving behind some puzzled Metro riders and a lot of anecdotes.

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