Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet Tooth

ClipArtHere a few places I like to go to pay tribute to my sweet tooth.

Co Co. Sala
Co Co. Sala is a "chocolate lounge and boutique" with a decadent, sweet and savory chocolate infused tapas menu that's great for sharing in groups. It also has an equally delicious cocktail menu that makes for a nice happy hour. And, let's not forget the gourmet chocolate shop next door run by the restaurant. It has a posh, romantic atmosphere sure to please on a first date and on a first bite. My personal recommendation is the guava enchilada - yum.

Baked & Wired
Baked and Wired is a great place to go to satisfy a sweet tooth. The cupcakes are pretty big, the shop is busy but accessible, and it has a variety of sweets, like the Bertha (my fave) which is a homemade oatmeal cookie sandwich. The blueberry/lemon (Smurfette) cupcake is also quite fabulous. The Honeybee bars are good, and Baked and Wired has treats that taste like fig newtons and almond joys - plus cakes, biscotti, muffins, pies, teas, coffee, quiche, and wireless internet. There is also a delicious granola concoction called Hippie Crack. The sweet shop also has a few seating areas inside and out. Baked and Wired is trendy and hip without being overpriced.

Artisan Confections
Dark chocolate and I just didn't get along in the past until I took a chocolate making class at Artisan Confections. Now, I know what good dark chocolate tastes like, and it isn't Hersey's Special Dark. The chocolatiers at the shop use Valrhona chocolate, and turn it into tasty, bite-sized morsels of chocolate and caramel bon bons. Notable flavors include rum, salted butter, and fleur du sel caramels, pineapple-passion fruit, peanut butter and jelly, and lavender honey bon bons. For a bit more crunch, the shop also has a crispy pecan caramel bar, caramelized almonds covered in dark chocolate and coco powder, and milk chocolate coated peanuts dusted with cookie crumbs.

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